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Welcome to SOAR STEM Schools ("S3"), Pakistan's first school incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) teaching with a concept-based approach towards learning. Our approach will excite students, motivate their teachers to help them achieve their true potential and blaze their own paths.

At SOAR, you'll find an amazing quality education at a very affordable fee. Our strong educational approach embraces the fact that every child comes to us with his or her hopes and aspirations and their own personality. Ours is a school full of warmth, encouragement and respect and everyday is an adventure.

What motivated us to start
SOAR STEM Schools?

Pakistan will soon be the 5th largest country by population, but it will need to become much more competitive in the world of science, technology, arts, engineering, and mathematics to even come close to the 5th place in education and claim its rightful place in the world community. For the country to rise to new heights, it needs to raise a workforce that is a notch above and that takes a generation to build...

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